1M Kahoy Project

Detailed Information

Geographical features of site
Mangrove forest

Objectives of restoration
Ecologically sustainable and resilient Capiz

Challenges and threats to the area
Deforestation, Natural Calamities, etc.

It needs to be restored to support the communities that rely on it as well as to conserve the species that inhabits in the area. It can also help in mitigating climate change.

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives
The office had established a mangrove nursery in the place. It aims to be the model nursery in the province of Capiz.

Communities involved (indicate size)
Partnered with LGU Sapian

Support needed and details:

— Awareness and education
Awareness and education are essential in this program so the people will understand the importance of mangrove forest restoration.

1M Kahoy Project
Brgy. Lonoy, Sapian, Capiz
Site Information
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