BINHI - Mt. Apo

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
1,303 ha

Geographical features of site

Challenges and threats to the area
Challenges are continuous support of the farmers association and community and maintain their passion and advocacy for the maintenance of the project. Threats are illegal activities such as kaining and illegal logging.

Communities involved (indicate size)
a. Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Mt. Apo Natural Park b.) Mt. Apo Ten Kilometer Radius (MATKR-MPC)

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives

  • To restore denuded forest lands
  • To preserved threatened Philippine native trees
  • To provide alternative livelihoods to forest communities and promote awareness to foster more collaboration and partnerships with different key stakeholders towards conservation and protection of the forest

    Follow proper Forest Restoration Procedures (see Forest Restoration Manual of EDC in partnership with Visayas State University)

  • BINHI - Mt. Apo
    Mt. Apo, North Cotabato
    Site Information
    Energy Development Corporation