Tribes and Treks Zambales

Detailed Information

Size of area being restored
3000 ha

Geographical features of site
Mountainous up to 600masl. Has volcanic ash

Objectives of restoration
Livelihood and climate change resilience

Type/method of restoration
Pioneer species, agroforest, rainforest

Challenges and threats to the area
Volcanic ash has buried a lot of the area. Mountains are denuded and soils are imbalanced. Water is a scarce resource for farmers

Communities involved (indicate size)
Sitio Yangil 45 families, Sitio Sagpat, 100 families, Sitio Banawen 65 families. Combination of tribal and individual properties.

Solutions/interventions being done in response to challenges and objectives
Reforest top portion; build agro forests in the bottom portion; create industries out of bamboo. We need economic solutions because the communities are tempted to turn trees into charcoal if they cannot earn money. Charcoal, although illegal, has a sure market.

Support needed and details:
Funding of the livelihood programs first, then the environmental ones.

Tribes and Treks Zambales
San Felipe, Zambales
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